Samuel Cullis

Founder and Course Director


Sam has been making films since he first picked up his parents’ video camera as a child. His love of film continued into adulthood; studying Film and Media at University in Wales and later in America. Sam has been teaching Film and Media Studies for over thirteen years, and has been Head of Media at the Harrodian School for over eight. He continues to make his own films, and has collaborated with Kent Count Council to produce educational shorts. Sam has a hands-on attitude, and is always looking for new ways to explore film through education. He is Director of the UK wide Barnes Film Festival now entering its third year. Sam’s favourite director is Paul Thomas Anderson, and his favourite film is Stand By Me.



Louis Blair

Course Mentor


Louis is a freelance broadcast editor and filmmaker. He specialises in video production and camera operation, and is a member of the Guild of Television Cameramen. Louis’s portfolio includes Dr Who, Michael Mcintyre, 8 Out of 10 Cats and the BAFTA winning film Senna. Louis loves working with young people, and has produced material for both Children in Need and The Disney Channel.

 Louis’s favourite director is Peter Jackson, and his favourite film is District 9.


Rory Campbell

Course Mentor


Rory is now a second year Film and TV production student at the Univeristy of Greenwich. His main passion in film is motion graphics and visual effects, however upon starting his course, he has now become very interested in story telling. Using his YouTube channel as practice, Rory has made numerous short films in order to exercise his skills with cameras and software such as Cinema 4D. So far, Rory has worked at Empire Design for motion graphics creation as well as creating logos and animations for small businesses. He is very enthusiastic with any project he works on and ensures the end products to be as professional as he can make it.

Toby Foster-Monk

Course Mentor


Toby is currently studying film production at Arts University Bournemouth undertaking a documentary and directing course. He has a burning passion to craft his own stories as well as trying to expand his storytelling craft into the extraordinary. Toby whilst undertaking his university degree also works as a freelance filmmaker, producing various films for establish local business as well as up and coming startups. Toby is a motivated young filmmaker who pushes his filmmaking, through production of his own short films. he endeavours to become a more refined and and effective filmmaker.

Jake Denton

Course Mentor


Jake is currently studying on a four year course at the University of Southern California. The school is a large research university in Los Angeles. Jake is in the ‘School of Cinematic Arts’ which is a subdivision within USC. He is majoring in film and television production. Jake has said that the facilities at the school are fantastic and the guest speakers are truly noteworthy. USC is where George Lucas and Steven Spielberg each funded new buildings and are starred alumni.

Yoni Ben-Haim

Course Mentor


Yoni is an award winning short filmmaker, having recently won best short film at the LA film festival of Hollywood and the Toronto Independent Film Festival.  He got his first camera when he was 14, and began to make short movies and teach himself how to edit all from resources online. Editing has a special place in his heart, and he hopes to specialise and become a full-time editor. In the production of a film, the movie is created three times, once by the writer, another time by the director and cameramen and then finally by the editor. The work that the editor creates is the work that the audience get to watch and fall in love with. He is currently studying film at London Film Academy.

Jamie Lucas

Course Mentor


Jamie is an award winning filmmaker, recently coming third in the under 18 category of the inaugural Barnes Film Festival young.  He is also an award winning photographer and videographer based in London, England. Over the years he has developed both my photographic and film-making skills through a variety of personal, academic as well as business related projects. He has worked on a number of projects recently, from creating an app advert, to filming sports and wildlife documentaries and wedding films.

Gabbi Bannett

Course Assistant


Gabbi is currently studying for four a-levels, including drama. She has been working with Barnes Film Academy for several years and loves seeing how the course inspires the children to be confident and creative. Gabbi's favourite film is The Blind Side and her favourite director is Frank Darabont.

Mickey Catelin

Course Manager


Mickey is currently working as Events & Marketing Manager in hospitality, as well as freelancing with the British Film Institute and working with Barnes Film Festival.  She loves being part of BFA, having been part of the programme since its establishment.  Her favourite film is 'La La Land', and she strives to learn more about the film industry day by day.

Megan Cullis

Marketing and PR


Megan oversees the marketing and publicity of Barnes Film Academy. She is a writer and editor of children’s books, and a film fanatic - just like her brother. Megan believes in the importance of storytelling and communication through film. Megan’s favourite director is Andrea Arnold, and her favourite film is Jurassic Park.

Barnes Film Academy was founded in 2012 by Sam Cullis, Director of the Barnes Film Festival and Head of Film and Media Studies at The Harrodian School, London. Sam wanted to share his love of film outside the classroom, and bring students together to produce their own. What began as an after-school workshop has since become one of the most talked-about film academies in London, welcoming young people from all over the UK.


Connor Picken

Course Mentor


Connor is a young award winning Film-maker from London. Connor  aims to use film as a mouthpiece for bigger issues, his recent film was a documentary on the terrorist attack in Nice, in 2016, winning Best Documentary at Barnes Film Festival. Connor make's sure Students of Barnes Film Academy, learn technical and theoretical filmmaking skills, learn to work as a team, and most importantly have fun.

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